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Angedras Restaurant, the restaurant on the bastions walls

Angedras Restaurant

A journey to savour

To stop for a meal at the Angedras Restaurant is to go on a journey.
A journey through the multitude of different flavours and colours of Sardinia that our expert chefs combine together with delicate mastery.
Book one of the 30 tables on our terrace on the Bastioni Marco Polo, the old city walls overlooking the sea.
This is how the journey begins, long before you start eating.
A journey that is not only for your palate, but for all your other senses too.
Your eyes wander over the cobalt blue sea as far as the imposing cliff of Capo Caccia, the crashing of the waves on the rocks below the walls is a rhythmic sound that caresses your ears, while an intense perfume of iodine and salt fills your nostrils.
You feel your skin absorb that fine and healthy air and it is pleasant to wait for your dinner as you enjoy the carefree atmosphere created by the holidaymakers strolling past.
But this is only the start of the journey...

Angedras Restaurant Now is the moment to allow yourself to be guided: the maître and waiters are on hand to help you choose from a menu of beautifully presented dishes reflecting a simple and genuine cuisine, and to interpret and satisfy the tastes of every guest.
Now the journey continues, between land and sea.
With dishes inspired by the Sardinian and Mediterranean traditions, bringing to the table antique flavours that are perfectly up-to-date.
Dishes that reflect the seasons, that celebrate the happy marriage of the generous fruits of this island's fields, flocks and sea beds.

Angedras Restaurant Freshly caught fish, tender meat, local ham and salami, cheeses with the scent of grass and pasture, vegetables and herbs from market gardens, light and brittle pane carasau, intense and harmonious wines: simple and authentic agreements, all incredibly fresh, accurately blended in every recipe, that speak more than a thousand words about an island and its people, hardworking and proud of their traditions and their history.
As befits a seaside town like Alghero, the menu is dominated by local fish and seafood, of which freshly caught lobster, with its noble and refined flavour, is the queen.
Fish is often served with vegetables that bring out the flavour in an always original manner.

Angedras Restaurant But Sardinia is not only the sea... it is also mountains and inaccessible pastures where the shepherds live with their flocks. The typical Sardinian menu has room for this aspect of the island too, with traditional and crisp roast piglet with myrtle, cooked according to an ancient recipe, and also handmade potato-and-cheese-filled culurgiones. How can you resist the call of these inviting dishes that seem to wink at you as you browse the menu?
I can resist anything but temptation, Oscar Wilde used to say... so there is nothing for it but to surrender.

We are approaching the end of our journey... but before we reach our destination there is still a sweet surprise. Piping hot seadas scented with honey and citrus fruits, and glass of chilled red mirto, a liqueur made from myrtle berries, are a worthy conclusion to a journey that you will want to repeat from the beginning.

Choice and quality at table

Marco looks after the kitchen while Francesco is responsible for the dining room: this is how the two owners of the Angedras Restaurant ensure constant quality and care, both in the selection of produce and in the level of service.
Before arriving at your table, every dish has a story behind it.
A story of research and careful selection: of genuine, high-quality ingredients, of old recipes drawn from the traditional knowledge of the Sardinian people, brought back to life and reinterpreted with creativity, of staff to whom they transmit their passion for hospitality, so as to offer the customer not just food but also pampering and attention.
It is Marco himself who sources, chooses and buys the finest ingredients for the kitchen.
Beginning with fresh fish from the market or directly from the local fishermen, or the free-range piglets from a small farm in Villanova, or the cured meat products made in the traditional way by La Genuina of Ploaghe.
And the fresh pasta, made by hand, the characteristic flatbread called pane carasau, known throughout the island, Sardinian cheeses with the unique and intense flavour typical of sheep's cheese.
And to end with, an impressive wine list: selected wines from the renowned Sella & Mosca estates
or the up-and-coming cantina of Santa Maria La Palma.
The cellar also has room for wines from small local producers, quality wines such as those made by Contini of Oristano, the oldest winery in the island, or organic wines like those of the Meloni brothers, and unbeatable reds from the vineyards of Giuseppe Gabbas in the Nuoro region.
Francesco, on the other hand, manages and organises the staff and the tables: the result is a well-coordinated and professional team of waiting staff who are ready to respond promptly and efficiently to the wishes of our guests.


Appetising occasions

Eating at the Angedras Restaurant is always a pleasurable experience, but sometimes it is even more inviting!
Take advantage of our lunch promotions to sample the dishes from our menu at reduced prices.
At lunchtime, from 12.00 p.m. to 2.30 p.m., you can choose between these two options to eat for just 16.00 euros, cover charge included.
  • Lunch menu

    Your choice of 2 dishes from the menu.
  • Paella

    A filling all-in-one dish of rice, meat, fish and vegetables plus a glass of wine.

Not only that, you can even book your table online from our website!


Banquets and special events

An intimate wedding, a birthday party, a business lunch or simply an important moment to celebrate with friends over a sumptuous meal. Any number of occasions to celebrate with the delicious cuisine
of our restaurant.
Ask for a quote: we can help you create a personalised menu that will respond perfectly to the needs
of the occasion you are organising.
Our dining rooms and terrace can seat up to 47 people.


Opening times

The Angedras Restaurant is open from early spring to late summer, from April until October.
Our opening hours are as follows:
  • Lunch

    12.00 p.m. to 2.30 p.m.
  • Dinner

    7.00 p.m. to 11.30 p.m.


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